The Most Cost-Effective Bed Bug Control For Your Bay Area Property

bed bug on box spring

Have you ever had a bed bug infestation or suspected you might be dealing with these tiny pests? Bed bugs are a rather disgusting pest that often live in mattresses and come out at night to bite humans to suck their blood.  Due to their small size, it can be difficult to identify bed bugs unless you know what to look out for. While there are other signs of bed bugs besides noticing them by sight, you can see them if you know what they look like.

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your Bay Area home, you can look carefully in the folds of furniture and mattresses for small, reddish-brown bugs. Before a blood meal, they are oval-shaped, flat, and about the size of an apple seed. After feeding, they become engorged with blood making them slightly larger.

If you can't find bed bugs themselves, you can look for signs of their activity. Bed bugs leave behind brown stains on sheets from blood and their droppings. They also shed their exoskeletons, and if you look carefully, you may find them. The most common sign of bed bug activity is the bites they leave behind on people. These bites exist in lines and clusters.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside Your Bay Area Home

Bed bugs may find their way inside your home, regardless of how careful you are or how organized you keep your belongings. Bed bugs usually get into homes by hitching a ride on things like purses, luggage, and clothing during general travel. It’s common to pick them up from places like buses, hotels, and the laundromat. However, they can also get inside your home if you bring in secondhand clothing or furniture that is already infested.

When you realize you have bed bugs, you’re likely looking to get rid of them as soon as possible. This is important because infestation can spread quickly. To fix the problem and to save money, many homeowners turn to do-it-yourself removal methods, but doing so is rarely effective.

How Much Does DIY Bed Bug Removal Cost?

If you’ve decided to try to remove bed bugs on your own, you might not realize how costly the process can be. While there are many different methods and products people try to use on their own such as insecticides, bed bug traps, and kill chambers, almost all of them are ineffective.

Because these treatments usually don’t work very well, they often require multiple rounds of application. This means the costs start to add up. So, even pesticides you buy at the store can end up costing a couple hundred dollars or more. And, even with multiple treatments, bed bugs often come back.

Because they can hide in extremely small cracks in walls and deep within furniture, it can be hard to eliminate them all. It’s also essential to remove every single egg to avoid further infestation. So, even if it seems like the bed bugs are gone for a while, they might end up coming back.

The amount of time, money, and aggravation that you'll spend on DIY bed bug removal is rarely worth it. 

Why Professional Services Are Better

Because of the ineffective nature of do-it-yourself bed bug removal, the most effective and affordable way to control bed bugs is to work with the experts at Bay Pest Solution. The main reason why you’ll save money by going with professional services is that they work.

You can trust that our technicians will get the job done right by eliminating every single bed bug on your property and ensuring they don’t return.

We provide two main bed bug removal options depending on your needs and your budget.

1. Heat treatment: The first option involves using industrial size materials, including heaters, to warm up infested rooms to about 140 degrees. This is hot enough to eliminate the bed bugs. This option comes with a 90-day warranty and is usually effective after just one treatment.

2. Chemical treatment: This is our most cost-effective option that is perfect for smaller infestations. By using insecticides, we will treat your bed, furniture, and walls to get every area where bed bugs tend to hide. Chemical options are known to be effective while still saving you money.

Get Trustworthy Bed Bug Help

If you’ve noticed any signs of a bed bug infestation, including rusty marks on your sheets or mattress, don’t waste your precious time and money trying to remove them on your own. The best way to get total bed bug control is to contact the pest control professionals at Bay Pest Solution. We even offer free inspections and a money-back guarantee. Contact us today to discuss strategies for solving all of your pest issues!

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