Carpenter Ants In The Bay Area: What You Should Know

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It is estimated that more than 10,000 different species of ants exist in the world. They are insects that are characterized by having a narrow waist that connects their abdomen and thorax, durable exoskeletons, antennae, and six jointed legs. Ants form large colonies with many members that are separated into different castes or roles for supporting the group. 

Carpenter ants represent one of the more unique types because they burrow through wooden structures to nest, which can be very problematic when it occurs on your property. Carpenter ants typically appear in shades of dark red or black, and their bodies range in size from roughly 1/8 to ½ of an inch long.  In nature, they are commonly seen near fallen trees, stumps, and other sources of wood.

Why do I have carpenter ants? There are various property conditions that draw carpenter ants in your house. Contacting a licensed pest controller that knows how to kill carpenter ants and how to keep carpenter ants away is the recommended way of responding to these intrusions.

Should I Be Worried If I See One Carpenter Ant On My Property?

Although the presence of a single carpenter ant in itself may not be a definite sign of an infestation, it is potentially some cause for concern. 
Being largely nocturnal creatures, you are less likely to see carpenter ants during the day. Keep in mind that these ants form large colonies with thousands of members.

Look for small piles of wood shavings that look like sawdust near wooden parts of the property. Listen closely for sounds of foraging in the walls. Another cause for concern is the presence of winged “swarmer” ants or small piles of the wings that they shed.

The Problems Ants Can Cause In Your Bay Area House

Some of the potential problems with carpenter ants in your house include:

  • Carpenter ants may erode the wood that serves as structural support for a property, which could cause a dangerous collapse.
  • They may also attack and destroy furniture.
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors may be hollowed out and warped.
  • The erosion they cause may allow for other materials in the structure to become exposed to harsh weather or harmful conditions.

How To Keep Carpenter Ants Away From Your Bay Area Property

Why do I have carpenter ants on my property? Follow these tips to prevent carpenter ant infestations:

Carpenter ants are most likely to target areas of wood that have been water damaged. For this reason, water problems should be addressed, including leaky spigots, clogged gutter systems, and excessive moisture in areas such as the basement or crawlspaces.

They often will access the property through vents, cracks, utility line pass-throughs, and other points; therefore, the property’s exterior should be closely inspected and sealed. Keep tree branches, shrubs, and other forms of vegetation trimmed back away from the exterior of the structure. Move firewood storage areas away from the adjacent yard area.

How Do You Destroy Carpenter Ant Nests In The Bay Area?

All discussions regarding how to kill carpenter ants should involve identifying and eradicating their nests. In many cases, by the time a property owner detects the presence of a colony of carpenter ants, these pests may have been actively creating damage for weeks or months. Contacting an experienced pest control company is strongly recommended to ensure that further structural damage does not continue.

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