What To Do About Spiders All Over My Bay Area Home?

jumping spider up close

People who disdain spiders will try anything to purge them from existence. And when they’ve intruded into your home, the desire to get them out becomes much more intense. At Bay Pest Solution, Inc., we share your yearning for a spider-free environment and offer quality pest control to get the job done in the Bay Area. Learn more about ways to control spiders and how experienced professionals can rid your house of them.

Does Vacuuming Kill Bugs & Spiders?

Vacuum cleaners are excellent for ridding your carpet, hardwood floors, and upholstery of dirt and debris, and they can kill spiders, too. Most spiders' soft exoskeleton is too fragile to withstand the powerful suction. And even if spiders survive the traumatic event, they usually die of suffocation from the dirt density and dust they’re submerged in. Using a vacuum with disposable bags is much better than the canister-style option because insects can crawl through openings. Bags allow you to throw out dead and possibly living bugs without fearing they might escape. Make sure your bags are sealed tightly and have no holes or tears.

Will Bleaching The Floors Deter Spiders?

We all know that bleach is superb at brightening your whites and removing stubborn stains when washing your clothes. But how is it at ridding your home of spiders? It turns out that bleach can do double duty because it does kill spiders if used correctly. You start by mixing one part bleach with three parts water in a spray bottle. The mixture can be used directly on spiders when you see them and also in areas where they likely enter your home. However, bleach can be hazardous, so use it with caution. And always make a qualified pest control company your first line of defense to rid your home of spiders completely.

Five Home Spider Control Tips For Arachnophobes

If you're terrified of spiders, you’re not alone. Arachnophobia ranks high on the list of fears that plague many people. When common house spiders zig-zag around your living space or sit motionless on your wall, your anxiety level can go through the roof. But there are simple steps arachnophobes can take to make their home a no-spider zone, which are:

  • Clean your home regularly because spiders are drawn to dusty areas to lay their eggs.
  • Keep your outside lights turned off on the front and back porches, as well as the driveway and garage.
  • Use cedar as a repellent by placing it in your hangers, drawers, closet chests, hangers, and mulch.
  • Mix water and alcohol with eucalyptus and lavender oils to make a spray around windows and other areas where spiders invade.
  • Seal holes, gaps, cracks, or crevices using exclusionary substances like caulk or foam.

These tips can significantly reduce your chances of encountering spiders when you least expect them. But it’s always best to start with a clean slate by ridding your home of existing spiders. Bay Pest Solution, Inc. can conduct a comprehensive inspection and treat your home effectively.  

Total Spider Control For Bay Area Homes

The secret is out if you’re seeking the best method to prevent spiders in your home. Experienced professionals are the number one option to defend your Bay Area property from different kinds of spiders that try to intrude. From harmless arachnids to super-scary spiders, a reputable pest control service will work with you to create a custom treatment plan to suit your needs and desired outcome.

At Bay Pest Solution, Inc., we have been exterminating for more than four decades and know something about eliminating all spiders. We treat our Bay Area residents like family and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us to schedule your free inspection.

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