Telling The Tail: Leading the Charge Against Rats In Bay Area Homes

Rats spell disaster for Bay Area homes.

How many stories do you have to tell about wild rats? Some people have countless tales to tell about these invasive and problematic local rodents. Others have never seen these furry invaders before, or at least not inside their homes. Regardless of your experience with different types of rats, we would like to show you how to keep these pests out of your Bay Area home in today’s article.

If you are currently dealing with these or other rodents inside your home, talk with our team about our advanced pest control services. We will make sure you have everything you need to know about our rat control offerings so that you can make an informed decision on what would be best to get these pests off your property. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about these local and problematic pest invaders. 

Signs Of Rats In The House: Identifying Rat Activity

If you are living with rats inside your home, you might not know they are there at first. These plump rodents are sneaky. When first invading a property, rats will do everything in their power to stay out of sight, only coming out at night when they feel it is safe to do so. It is only as rat infestations grow that you will notice more and more of the signs these pests leave behind.

These signs include things like pellets of fecal droppings in the back of your pantries, urine stains or pillars in your attic, torn-up bedding, fabrics, insulation, or other materials, rat nests made of these materials, and other odd occurrences. If you hear odd noises at night, see holes in your walls, or notice other clear signs of rats, call in our team. We will send a technician your way to inspect your property for these pests.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Cause In Your Home

When rats come indoors, they bring their problems with them. These pests have no trouble crawling through sewage and trash and will eat just about anything, including rotting meat, decaying vegetation, and fecal droppings. Doing this leaves rats teeming with all sorts of bacteria, pathogens, and other sickness-causing organism. This is bad for you and your family, especially considering these pests' propensity to crawl over countertops and nibble on left-out food.

If threatening your family with sickness was not bad enough, rats are also destructive. They use their sharp teeth to gnaw holes through walls, nibble on the legs of furniture, tear apart books, rip up fabrics, and cause all sorts of other forms of destruction indoors. There are even some cases where these rodents gnaw through electrical wires and start fires indoors. We would very much like to help you avoid these serious problems. 

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

If you are sick and tired of rats crawling around inside your home, we have your back. Our team at Bay Pest has been helping homeowners combat all sorts of pest problems for a while. Let us use our years of experience and training to assist you with the creatures causing trouble inside and around your home. We will find out if you are dealing with rats and offer some quick rat removal options to address active infestations on your property.

If you are still on the fence about local rodent control, call our team. One of our friendly service representatives would love to discuss your options for treatments, talk pricing, and find a plan that will best meet your needs and budget. It really is that simple. Reach out today for more information.

How Do I Prevent Rats From Coming Back?

If you do not want rats returning to your home after you get them out, you will need some form of protection in place. Here are some exclusion and prevention tips our experts recommend you know and try.

  • Identify potential entry points around your home’s exterior. Address holes, gaps, and cracks you find, or hire a professional to address areas of damage.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are working properly. If they have screens, make sure they are in good condition.
  • Fix leaky piping and address other moisture problems that rats might utilize inside or around your home.
  • Clean your home and property and do your best to eliminate areas of clutter.

Contact our team at Bay Pest if you need our help dealing with rats. Let us walk you through what rat exclusion in The Bay Area looks like.

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