How Ants Invade The Bay Area Homes

ants eating a bunch of crackers

Ants can easily invade Bay Area homes thanks to their small size and skill at seeking out food or water around your property. The key to learning how to get rid of ants involves proactive prevention and professional ant control assistance.

Understanding Ants And Ant Control

There are plenty of ants you may encounter around the Bay Area, but there are three main types that are most common to encounter in your home – the Argentine ant, the odorous house ant, and carpenter ants. And while all of these insects are considered nuisance pests, none are a welcome sight in your home. The presence of ants means the potential for a house overrun with this pest, contaminated food storage areas, and the potential for irritating and itchy ant bites.

In general, ants will enter your home searching for food, water, or accessible shelter when the weather changes. Thanks to their small size, they can fit through most gaps or cracks around your home and may easily infiltrate into hard-to-reach areas of your property. Ants may also easily set up their colonies in your house, something that makes them incredibly difficult to combat once an infestation is fully underway.

This is why the most effective ant control in the Bay Area involves professional ant control service and prevention tips to ant-proof your property.

How To Keep Ants Away

Learning how to keep ants away involves understanding what may attract ants to your property in the first place. The key to proper ant control is removing the factors that prevent this insect. You should also keep in mind that ants can be pretty difficult to prevent because of their small size. Proactive prevention and the assistance of an ant control service will help you fully protect your Bay Area home from this pest.

  • Proper food and trash storage are some of the essential ant prevention tips that you should follow. The odor of food waste, leftover food, and most types of trash attract this insect, so be sure to seal up trash tightly, dispose of it promptly, store food properly, and refrain from leaving out dirty dishes or food and drink spills too long.
  • Easy access to water is another major attractor for ants. To prevent this pest, you should fix any leaks either inside or outside of your property and ensure that your home has proper ventilation to avoid any damp spots.
  • Inspecting your home for potential ant entry points and sealing up all gaps or cracks is vital in preventing this pest. You should be carefully examining doors, windows, and your home’s foundation to find ant entryways. You may also want to replace broken window and door screens or weather stripping.
  • Keep your yard cleared of debris, including tree stumps and piles of lumber. You should also ensure that the grass stays trimmed low, as this reduces outdoor ant hiding places around your property.

How To Get Rid Of Ants

If you want to know how to get rid of ants permanently, you should be contacting the professionals at Bay Pest Solution. The specialists at Bay Pest Solution will be able to provide you with effective ant control and customized, targeted solutions that live entirely up to your expectations of an ant control service and allow you to claim your home back from these pesky insects.

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