Subterranean Termites In The Bay Area Don't Have To Be Hard To Treat

termite tunnels

You do not have to struggle with termites. Although incredibly destructive and hard to identify, termites are not terribly difficult to treat if you have the right information. This is why we are here today. Here is everything you need to know about subterranean termites and the best ways to keep these pests out of your Bay Area home. Contact Bay Pest for immediate assistance in dealing with an active infestation. Our team will help you find a quick answer to any wood-destroying insects on your property and show you what pest control in The Bay Area should look like!

Are There Subterranean Termites On My Bay Area Properties?

Most pests that live in our area have no problem crawling through your home. Subterranean termites are a bit different. Of all the types of termites, this species is the most difficult to identify. They spend almost their entire lives underground or inside structures of wood. When it comes to termite identification, you have a few options. Start with a basic self-inspection of your home. Listen for hollow-sounding wood and clicking noises inside your walls, floors, and ceilings, look for pin-sized holes in your walls, inspect your home’s exterior foundation for pencil-sized mud tubes, and keep an eye out for flying termite swarmers. If you find any of these concerning signs, get a professional involved. If you don’t find any of these signs, schedule your home for a wood-destroying insect report. This is the only guaranteed method to know for sure that your home is termite-free. 

Crawl Space Subterranean Termite Infestations

Most subterranean termite infestations start close to the ground. If your home’s foundation is negatively affected by moisture, this is where these pests will start. Assuming you don’t have a habit of crawling under your home, this damage can go unnoticed for months or even years. You will only notice problems when these pests move upwards or when floors start to sag, squeak, or look visibly damaged. In our opinion, finding termite damage is the worst way to identify these pests. You need to remain vigilant. Check your home often, schedule a yearly wood-destroying insect report, and consider investing in a preemptive termite control plan. Most termite control options are designed to eliminate existing threats and provide ongoing protection. By working with one of our qualified pest technicians, you should have no problem finding an option that works best for you and your property.  

How To Treat For Subterranean Termites

There are different methods professionals use to combat termite problems. The main two approaches are injected liquid-based treatments, and bait stations. At Bay Pest, we use both of these methods. Liquid treatments involve drilling 12 to 14-inch holes around the exterior of your home. We then fill these holes with termiticide and fill them with mortar or soil. This termiticide works as bait. Whether termites are moving into or out of your home, they will gather small amounts of this treatment up and carry it to their colony. What they don’t know is that this tasty substance will eventually result in the death of themselves, their queen, and other members of their colony. 

Bait stations work like liquid bait but they involve installed units around your yard. These units attract subterranean termites and eliminate these pests before they can even think of invading your home or outbuildings. To find out what method is best for your home and property, schedule an appointment. One of our team members will pay you a visit, inspect for existing problems, and suggest what they think will be best to handle existing or future termite problems.

Complete Termite Pest Management From Bay Pest

We know how much of a nightmare it is to find termites inside your home. This is why we work diligently to provide top-tier termite control options at Bay Pest. Let our team pay your home and property a visit. We will check for an existing problem and walk you through your options for year-round protection. Once the initial service visit is done, all that is needed is scheduled re-treatments. This is a very non-invasive process that is completely reliant on what you deem is best for your property's protection. Whatever pest protection you are looking for, we are here for you.

Call our team today to discuss your options with one of our friendly service representatives. We will answer questions you have and help you schedule an appointment for your Bay Area home and property. Life is better without termites!

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