How To Properly Deter Rodents In The Bay Area

two rats looking for food

Do you know why rodents invade homes here in the Bay Area? It isn’t because they want to help you with interior decorating. Rodents are naturally selfish creatures and are always on the lookout for what they can take from the environment around them. If these pests are inside your home, it means there is something to be gained. Here is how to properly deter and control rodents in the Bay Area and some simple facts about these pests. Call Bay Pest if you are dealing with an active rodent infestation. We offer high-quality Bay Area pest control options that are sure to quickly dispose of your rodent problems.

Rodents Typically Get Inside Bay Area Homes

You probably already know this, but most types of rodents have no desire to live inside your home. There will never be beavers in your attic or groundhogs in your basement. The two most common rodents that invade homes in the Bay Area are mice and rats. Both of these pests thrive in environments that provide ample options for food, moisture, and shelter. These rodents are equipped with sharp and strong teeth that make getting through walls, into pantries, and to food inside boxes easy. Squirrels will also come indoors from time to time but they have a much more limited diet. These bushy-tailed pests mainly utilize attics as safe places to spend the winter. Rats and mice, on the other hand, like living indoors, year-round. They eat the things you eat and enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning and heating system. 

Don't Ignore Rodents Inside Your Home!

It is generally not good to ignore pest problems. It is really bad to ignore rodents. These furry pests are not harmless. When they invade homes, they can bring sickness with them. Both rats and mice eat nasty things and live in dirty areas. By picking up and carrying bacteria, pathogens, and parasites, rodents threaten you, your family, and your pets. Two kinds of parasites rodents often carry indoors are fleas and ticks. If you know anything about fleas and ticks, you know that they are also dangerous. Fleas spread murine typhus and the bubonic plague while ticks are responsible for Lyme disease and powassan virus disease. To make everything worse, rodents are destructive. They regularly chew holes through walls; damage furniture; tear up insulation, fabrics, and books; and urinate on and inside storage boxes. Our job is to stop rodents before they cause these serious problems. 

Tips To Deter Rodents In The Bay Area 

If you don’t have rodents inside your home and you want things to stay this way, we recommend finding some prevention strategies that work. To start, here are a few DIY options our team recommends you try.

  • Use some silicone caulk and pinches of steel wool to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed and in good working condition.
  • Address moisture issues like leaky piping, water build-up, and damaged gutters.
  • Reduce the clutter in and around your home and do your best to keep things clean.
  • Invest in tight-fitting (rodent-proof) lids for your indoor and outdoor trash cans.
  • Trim back tree branches and bushes at least five feet from your home’s exterior.
  • Clean up your yard and keep your grass and landscaping well-maintained. 

The last thing we want is for you to face rodents on your own. If you need help deterring or removing these furry pests, let us help. Our team at Bay Pest offers comprehensive rodent control options and would be happy to lend you a hand!

Professional Rodent Control Is The Best Solution

Whether you are dealing with rodents in your attic or are trying to prevent a future infestation, we would like to offer our assistance at Bay Pest. We believe that a fear of rodents is logical. These pests cause serious problems indoors. To combat this fear for ourselves and our community we offer high-quality rodent prevention and control options. Let us evaluate your home. We will find out what types of problems you are dealing with, eliminate or draw out existing pests, and establish some long-term IPM options to solve future infestations before they occur. Dealing with rodents in the Bay Area has never been easier.

Contact us now if you would like to learn more about our rodent control options or you need to schedule your Bay Area home for a detailed service visit.

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