We have many pests in the Bay Area, but none are quite like carpenter ants. This type of ant has the ability to damage your property. The more you know about carpenter ants, the more you'll be able to protect your property. Let's take a moment to consider a few things every Bay Area property owner should know about carpenter ants.

carpenter ant on wood
carpenter ant on rock

Carpenter Ant Identification

It can be a little confusing when it comes to identifying carpenter ants, especially if you're armed with some information about these ants.

  • Do you know that carpenter ants are black? This can be true, but it isn't always true. Carpenter ants can also be dark red and black. It depends on the species. You also have to consider that there are other ants that can be black, such as little black ants or odorous house ants.

  • Do you know that carpenter ants are big? They are, but they aren't always big. Carpenter ant workers vary in size. They can be large enough that you'll have no doubt you're looking at a carpenter ant, or they can be small enough to be confused with other black ants.

  • Do you know that carpenter ants are nocturnal? While these ants certainly prefer to come out at night, they can be seen in the day. They aren't photosensitive.

  • Do you know that carpenter ants live in stumps, logs, and trees with heart rot? If you are aware that these ants live in wood, it might throw you off when you see ground holes. Keep in mind that carpenter ant ground nests aren't likely to have volcano-like mounds of dirt. Also be aware that these ants can create nests in unexpected places, like a pile of acorns.

  • Do you know that a carpenter ant has one node between the thorax and abdomen? We don't imagine you would, but if you've been diligent about researching carpenter ants on the internet, you may have come across this fact. We're here to tell you that it isn't easy seeing that little node, especially on a smaller sized worker. You may need to use a magnifying glass. 

Treating Carpenter Ants

If you recognize a carpenter ant infestation, your next step may be to turn to over-the-counter ant control products. There are a few things to consider.

  • Ant sprays have little or no impact on carpenter ants. These sprays don't get deep into the colony to eliminate it.

  • Baits can be effective. The best solution for eliminating carpenter ants is the use of baits. But you need to select an appropriate bait and apply the bait in a way that carpenter ants won't detect the bait as a threat. If they don't like the bait, or they realize it is a threat, they're going to ignore it as a food source.

The Best Solution For Carpenter Ants

The worst-case scenario with carpenter ants is not ineffective ant control; it is particle ant control. When you apply products to eliminate carpenter ants and you have some success, it can leave your property open to serious damage. Getting control of carpenter ants is more about the methods used than the products applied. If you get rid of an ant colony in one location, carpenter ants can attack your home from another location. Often, they don't make themselves an obvious problem. They get under your deck, or some other structure, and do damage in hidden places. They can find an entry point into your home, create a nest inside, and go out at night to get food while you're sleeping. This type of ant should never be allowed around your home. As soon as you see them, reach out to Bay Pest.

The Right Solution

At Bay Pest, we use industry-leading pest control methods and products to establish an environment around your home that repels and eliminates pests. This directly reduces carpenter ants, and indirectly reduces them by reducing the food they eat, such as insects and honeydew. With ongoing residential pest control for your Bay Area property, you'll also get routine inspections. Our licensed professionals know how to identify the carpenter ant species that are a threat to your property as well as what conditions are conducive to carpenter ant activity. Reach out to us today to get your pest protection in place. No home in the Bay Area should ever be without a pest control plan.


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